1. Thanks, that's what I'm getting at as well, seems like everyone has their own preferences.

  2. To be clear right off the bat - OOT was the third game I ever owned that wasn't on my GameBoy (after Super Mario 64 and Snowboard Kids), and it's still probably my favourite gaming experience of all time. It has aged beautifully and it is the perfect realisation of a Zelda game. The Salon article is also a terrible, flimsy analysis that puts far too much weight on (really) tangential characters and demonstrates a terrible understanding of Marx. That said, I think it's important that we try and think about games separate from their in-universe logic and more from their cultural context. Of course everything is consistent when we look it from Link's perspective because the writers are excellent and everybody's actions make sense. To respond to critiques of whether Zelda is a damsel by using that guaranteed consistency is just kind of a tautology and is talking past the critiques.

    She is not a helpful damsel in anyway, she is a heroine, and one of the best ones at that.
    A heroine is someone like Samus Aran, FemShep or even Sheik. Zelda just doesn't fit the definition of a heroine in OOT. Sure, she not just a totally passive damsel as Princess Peach is the most of the time, that's obvious. But Zelda doesn't do much heroics herself. Whilst she obviously uses her powers to paralyse Ganon in OOT, and shoots her Light Arrows at Ganondorf in WW, these are more games mechanics for Link's benefit than examples of Zelda as an individual, as a character doing something herself that is heroic. That's the nub here - it's not that she's a damsel really, it's that literally everything she does revolves around Link.

  3. Oh god the Neanderthal reference literally has me in a heap of giggles. You guys are awesome. <3