1. Nice guys treat women nicely because they are nice. Nice Guys™ treat women nicely because they expect to be rewarded with sex.

  2. I'm sure you get the point. Please do not eat weight loss exercise routine margarine. -heat and redness in joints. Weight loss exercise routine how is the “virtual gastric band” supposed to work? hypnosis can make the body do some amazing things. Operations can be carried out using only hypnosis as anaesthetic. It is quite conceivable that under hypnosis a person might be made to feel as if an operation had been performed and a gastric band had been fitted. But when the hypnosis is terminated the client is not left with a stomach which has somehow been shrunk by hypnosis. They may be told that they will feel as if a gastric band has been fitted. But how do they know what that actually feels like if they have never actually had the operation?..

  3. I hope he enjoys being forever alone because fuck people like that. With something hard and sandpapery