1. There are already 51 episodes and it will probably continue for another 49 at least. It also might not be your kind of show.

  2. What's really so ridiculous about the whole thing is that both of these things are really just attempts to reduce the other side down into a negative stereotype to avoid personal blame when a relationship (romantic or not) does not develop the way as intended by one of the parties involved. By saying the guy had "nice guy syndrome", a girl can lay all the blame on the guy for being unclear with his intentions, unwilling to view her as a real person and being secretly bitter. She doesn't have to account for the fact that maybe he is genuinely a nice person (not a "nice guy") but simply bad at expressing himself or that maybe she was the one unclear with her intentions. When a guy says a girl is a "fake geek" who does it all for the attention, he often similarly assigning motives to her for the sake of his own self worth. In my view the "epidemic" is neither "fake geek girls" or "nice guys" as much as it just people wanting to assign all the blame to the other party when a relationship, or even just a few simple interactions goes south.

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