1. Tigers (Would love them to win it all for Mike Illitch who has done so much for this team. Also, I am afraid he may croak soon LOL.)
    2. Pirates (They're my NL team.)
    3. Rays (Always liked them.)
    4. Dodgers (Second favourite NL team, and I heart Kershaw :D)
    5. A's (Despite our ALDS match-up, always liked this team. Cannot wait for this weekend!)
    6. Cardinals (Neither like or dislike them. Love watching their pitching staff at work though.
    7. Braves (Never been a fan of the No Fun Baseball Police.)
    8. Red Sox (Love the City of Boston, unfortunately never liked their baseball team. I do love Ortiz and Uehara though.)
    I'm a pretty easy-going gal who likes a whole bunch of teams. :)

  1. Sometimes I get random IMs like this and just assume it's a bot.